Charging options

The Shell system offers a wide range of charging options, so that even in retrospect a simple Shell can be turned into a professional industrial tablet for private users. The series solutions are listed below. For special requirements please contact us directly.







Using the Apple Lightning Connector or Standard Connector (not shown)

For private users, it is usually sufficient to charge the tablet in the case via the Apple-typical Lightning connector or the standard connector. To do this, the supplied waterproof plug is opened and the charger is inserted into the tablet. Please note that the Shell system is not waterproof during the charging process. Only after disconnecting the charger and closing the plug is the Shell system waterproof again. For the 1x daily charging this effort is sufficient.



Charging - possible even under water!

If it is necessary to charge the iPad while it is enclosed waterproof in the case, the first available option is the Charging Connector. It is screwed to the case, and on one end it has a USB (male) connector, which can be connected to the Apple adapter. Tools are not required.

This is the option that tends to be chosen by sailors who screw on the connector only once a day.

The end of the cable with the USB connector is not waterproof.




Car Cradle Connector
For aiShell™ and GoShell™

For professional applications there is the Car Cradle Connector. This is screwed permanently waterproof to the housing (no tools required). With this accessory the Shell can be plugged into the following different charging stations and charged there. If the Car Cradle Connector is screwed to aiShell™ or GoShell™, the tablet can no longer be removed.


Car Cradle with Car Cradle Connector

For aiShell™ and GoShell™

The Car Cradle is particularly useful for users who need to plug and unplug their device frequently during the day. This is why it is increasingly being used in fire brigade vehicles. If the Shell is equipped with the Car Cradle Connector, it can be automatically charged in the Car Cradle. With this solution, the housing does not have to be opened and therefore always remains watertight. Like the Quicksnapper, the Car Cradle can either be screwed directly to walls/tables or mounted with a RAM-202 or many other RAM mounts. RAM-Mounts are not included in the standard scope of delivery.



Charging multiple devices simultaneously

The aiRack is particularly suitable for professional users who may have hundreds of iPads in use. If the aiShell™ is equipped with the Car Cradle Connector, it can be loaded together with up to 10 others in the aiRack. This makes loading and unloading even faster. Several aiRacks can be accommodated in one server rack.


aiShell™ Charging Clip

The Charging Clip is the smaller alternative to the Car Cradle and makes it possible to charge the device in the aiShell™ via Car Cradle connector.