waterproof – shock-resistant – unbeatable



IP67 – waterproof to 1 meter

To obtain this certification, the case is tested to determine whether it can withstand the pressure at a depth of 1 meter under water for 30 minutes. During this time no harmful amount of water may penetrate. Every case that leaves our premises is subjected to a final test to ensure it is waterproof. Nevertheless, you should always briefly test the case again yourself to ensure it is waterproof before you use it. Especially in situations where you are using the case for the first time, you may easily forget to close a clip, or sand may have found its way into the seal.

To perform this test, each aiShell™ includes a dummy iPad made of cardboard. It occupies the same space inside the case as an iPad. Any leaks unexpectedly occurring during the test can be detected immediately on the dummy.

All cases in the aiShell™ series are waterproof and impact-resistant. Virtually all functionality, such as buttons and cameras, can also be used from the outside. It is the only case system that allows charging even under water. Despite this the iPad can still be inserted and removed again in only a matter of seconds. Because of the back's ergonomic design, it can be held much more securely in the hand than other products.


Shook-Resistant according to MIL810G

To test the impact protection of our case, we use one of the toughest standards in existence. MIL810G is a U.S. military standard. To pass this test, the case is dropped a total of 26 times on all edges, sides and surfaces. The drop height is 1.22 m; the surface used is flat. This is how perfect protection is guaranteed, regardless which part of the case impacts with the surface. Certification is granted if the case and its contents – the iPad – remain in working order.

As previously mentioned, the test ground is a flat surface. As usual, if a sharp object hits the display directly, it still has the potential to damage it. To prevent this, a special protective display cover is available for the aiShell™ mini and mini+ that can protect against even that kind of danger.


Protection against scratches on the display

Unlike conventional waterproof cases of other manufacturers, the aiShell™ display film also protects against scratches and is unsusceptible to sand, which otherwise tends to work its way through the seals and may even cause leaks over a long period of time. With the aiShell mini it is also possible to attach a hard-plastic display cover. This even protects the display against falls on sharp objects.

Many conventional protective cases – even waterproof kinds – often do without a high-quality protective film to save money. Often, this doesn't present any problems – to start with at least. But in the course of use, problems do often arise. 

  1. Even though the glass surface of the iPad is very hard, it can still be scratched by hard objects, such as keys. 

  2. Since the display seal is not bonded, dirt, salt and sand can work their way through the seal over the course of time. This can produce minute channels through which water can finally penetrate after weeks of use. 

The aiShell™ system's protective film for the display prevents all that. The film itself is made of extremely scratch-resistant plastic. If it should ever actually get scratched, it can be replaced. 

The standard aiShell™ comes with a crystal-clear display film. In our opinion it is the best there is to prevent irritating reflections. At the customer’s request, however, we can also equip any case with a matt film. This would be a custom product, however, with a small extra charge.