Thermal UAVs

The combination of thermal imaging cameras and drones


Thermal imaging cameras have become more and more important in the last decades. They are invaluable in the fields of industry and construction, fire fighting, law enforcement, hunting, animal observation and rescue as well as the search for missing persons.

In the combined application with drones, the previous fields of application could be further revolutionized.




Due to our experience in the construction of the smallest thermal imaging devices, it was obvious to supplement the existing drone technology with our modules.


Recently, DJI drones have also become available for private users. They achieve performance values that can hardly be achieved by professional copters. However, they cause only a fraction of the costs and are also surprisingly small.

The operation of the drones supplemented by thermal imaging nacelles  is hardly heavier than that of the commercially available small drones. By programming waypoints, areas can be searched reliably. The low additional weight of the thermal imaging nacelles reduces the flight time of the drone only minimally. 

The combination with a dual screen has proven to be particularly effective for use: The thermal image supports tracking, the daylight image improves orientation.