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Tilo_KSK_web TILO-Challenge (3): The TILO at the Military (external, in german)
(June 2019)


With the TILO-Rusan adapter, our dealer ACTinBlack offers a practical camera adapter with which the TILO can be mounted in front of corresponding digital cameras. In this way you can take photos directly via the TILO eyepiece optics.
The adapter is compatible to the Nikon COOLPIX A300. With this camera you can send the pictures to your friends via WLAN.
The camera adapter can also be used to mount the TILO thermal image goggles in front of other optics with an outer diameter of 30mm to 80mm.


TILO 3× Magnification lens
(February 22, 2019)

With the 3× magnification lens you increase the range of your thermal imaging device considerably. The special thing about this lens is that despite the 3× magnification there is no noticeable loss of dynamics. The image remains high in contrast even in unfavourable thermal conditions. Even though this lens can also be used for other thermal imaging devices, it achieves this high image quality only in combination with the TILO series, because only the TILO can cope with such a small lens system, which in turn is due to the high thermal resolution of the sensor. Finally, the magnification lens covers the entire lens surface of the TILO and there is no "light loss" (heat loss).


TILO-Challenge – Review by Sapiens Para Bellum YouTube video
(extern, December 2018)


The HunterBtl. 23 in Austria tests TILO-3Z+™
(October 31, 2018)

The Squad Presence Unit of Hunter Battalion 23, 6th Mountain Brigade has tested our TILO-3Z+™ as part of the TILO™ Challenge. The review is now available.


TILO-3Z+™ and TILO-6Z+™ now rentable
(October 31, 2018)

As the smallest thermal imaging goggles in the world, equipped with one of the most powerful microbolometers on the market, the TILO™ has a reasonable price. Such an investment therefore needs to be considered. Maybe you don't need such a device all the time, but only at certain times.

That’s why we offer a cheap rental service for the two most popular TILO™ models. So you only have to pay for the time when you really need the TILO™.


TILO-6Z+™ now available
(October 22, 2018)

The TILO-6™ is our new flagship in thermal imaging. With its 640×512 pixel sensor resolution and a thermal resolution of <40 mK, no wishes are left unfulfilled.


Software & Hardware Update
(June 25, 2018)

In the latest TILO-3 we have now implemented the latest software (vers.0.9.04) and hardware updates. We thank all users for their helpful hints. All TILO-3M and Z+ sold from now on have the following new features:

  • Ready for Battery Extension: Possibility to install a larger battery compartment with space for 2xCR123 batteries (7h) or alternatively a rechargeable battery for 6h running time.
  • Distance Estimator
  • Finer colimation setting even in the strong zoom levels.

30mm Adapter
(June 6, 2018)

With the 30mm camera adapter, our reseller ACTinBlack offers a useful camera adapter with which the TILO can be mounted in front of digital cameras. This way you can take photos directly via the TILO eyepiece optics.
The adapter is compatible with the Nikon COOLPIX A300, so you can send the pictures to your friends via WLAN.
The camera adapter can also be used to mount the TILO thermal imaging goggles in front of other lenses with an outside diameter of 30mm.
However, the mounting in front of target optics as described in the video below is not permitted in Germany, respectively requires a corresponding permit.
Because of its extremely robust design, the TILO can even withstand multiple drops from 1.22m onto concrete, with accelerations of up to 800G acting on the device, the device will certainly not be damaged even during such use. However, we expressly point out that the TILO series was not developed for use as an attachment but as a thermal lamp.


Special offer: TILO Challenge - Try TILO 3 months for free!

Together with ANDRES INDUSTRIES and SPARTANAT we from Soldier Systems Daily want you to test the TILO thermal device intensively for three months!

What other manufacturer would do this with a 5,000€-device? The device could be damaged, couldn't it? Yeah, it could be, but it's a TILO. TILOs don't break. If there is something on the TILO that can break, it is the manufacturer's fault and ANDRES INDUSTRIES takes over the damage. That's their offer:


What comes from us?
We provide one of our newest TILO-Z+™ incl. accessories (helmet holder, head holder, bag etc.) free of charge for 3 months.

Target groups: soldiers, hunters, policemen, airsoft players, rescue forces, security forces.
The application: The users should use the TILOs in daily and of course also at night.

What do we want from the user?

  • Hard work = hard report - show us what you can do with the TILO!
  • Experience with the technology
  • What are the advantages of TILO in use?
  • Description of activity/unit/department
  • A short story of an operation in which the TILO could be helpful.
  • if possible some pictures or best film shots
  • the permission for this material to be shown by us and on SPARTANAT and Soldier Systems Daily and may also be used for our marketing. Or the permission to link to the report, which should of course also be available for a longer period of time.
  • Explanation of the functions of TILO

Who can apply as a tester?

  • Anyone who works in one of the areas mentioned above or who successfully explains to us why he is the one who can best put our TILO through its paces
  • Of course also companies, authorities or units
  • for this action 5× TILO-3Z™ and 3× TILO-3Z+™ with the latest software are available for this promotion, we reserve the right to select the participants ourselves. Legal recourse is excluded

What do I have to do to get a device to test for 3 months?

Fill in an end user statement and give a description about:

  • the planned deployment
  • the format of the report. E.g. text, pictures, video, feature-length film etc.
  • It is helpful, if already exemplary productions (YouTube, Blogs etc.) are available (URL requested). Of course, we are interested in the highest quality reports possible.
  • if there are persons depicted, do they have pixelated faces? If unpixeled, short explanation how their personal rights are considered. Like a statement that you're okay with it.

ELCAN and mounts for other target optics?
Participants will also receive the necessary camera adapters, but must ensure that the corresponding use, e.g. on a weapon as an attachment, does not take place in Germany without permission.

What happens if the TILO is damaged during the test?

  • the TILO is indestructible, should one break down, we take over the costs.
  • this does not apply to willful destruction.
  • this does not apply to loss.

What's the reward?

  • whoever delivers the best report can keep his TILO-3Z+™!
  • the second best gets a TILO-3Z™!
  • for the third place there is a 30% discount for the purchase of a TILO together with accessories

How to apply?
Best by mail to
Subject: TILO-Challenge