Is this thermal device worth 5000€ ? - TILO3Z+
  Film: Thermal imgaging glasses TILO-3Z and TILO-6Z unboxing
"I had already used all Pulsar thermal imaging devices,
but on the hunt none was as practical as the TILO from Andres 



Film: Comparison of the TILO models
In order to be able to compare all TILOs™ professionally, we have built a special construct on, which all TILOs™ are next to each other.
The supplied picture was recorded, so that now a comparison video was created. Which TILO™ do you need for your purposes? Find out!
The image of TILO-3Z+™ corresponds to TILO-3M™ and that of TILO-6Z+™ to TILO-6M™.
(to ensure an objective quality the film must be loaded from our FTP server with approx. 300Mb)


SPB Review: Wärmebildgerät TILO-3Z+ taktisch und jagdlich


"We had a look at the Tilo3Z thermal imager from Andres Industries. Conclusion: a very robust part, can do a lot, ideal for government applications."


Andres Industries AG - TILO3 Wärmebildbrille

From ThatGearAddict

"Action-packed video for TILO3: Reliable thermal visibility, battle-proven in combat. A TILO3Z+ borrowed over a test period from Andres Industries AG was used."


Delta Force Germany e.V // Review TILO-3Z Plus

From DeltaForceGermany Airsoftteam e.V

"A big thank you to Andres Industries for letting us test the TILO. Also a big thank you to everyone who contributed to this viedeo."


Andres Industries TILO-3Z Wärmebildbrille

From SPARTANAT Gearmag

"The TILO-3™ is the world's smallest thermal imaging goggle. It also functions as a headlamp. The TILO-3Z™ is an inexpensive entry-level version of the TILO-3™ series. The civil version of the TILO-3™ also has a frame rate of 9Hz. An observation while standing or walking slowly is possible."


TILO-3 thermal imaging goggles and headlamp

From Andres Industries AG

"The TILO-3 is the smallest thermal imaging goggle in the world and at the same time a headlamp that can be worn on a helmet or headband. Although the TILO-3 is so small, it delivers an extremely good image with a thermal resolution of up to 40mK."


30mm Adapter for TILO-3

From ACTinBlack

"It's on...we proudly partner with Andres Industries AG and present you their super lightweight TILO-3 thermal camera. The adapter for the TILO-3 enable the use as a clipon mounted system for 30mm objectives of cameras, scopes and other applications."


TILO - Die kleinste Wärmebildbrille der Welt

From Andres Industries AG

"The new TILO-6 now also in 640×512 pixel"