Thermal clip-on and aiming devices

The attachment aiming devices are mounted in front of an existing scope using adapters, allowing heat signatures to be detected even at very long ranges.


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TigIR™ thermal imaging attachment in extremely short design

The smallest attachment with 3000m range!

With its 55mm thermal lens, it has a detection range of 3km at a weight of just over 500g. The real feature, however, is its short overall length of only 111mm, which we were able to achieve by using multiple folded optics. Like all our thermal imagers, the TigIR™ was developed in Berlin and is also produced here. We will be happy to advise you.



PumIR™ - The Modular Talent

The Modular Talent with extendable range up to 4000m

To call the PumIR just the little brother of the TigIR would not do it justice. In fact, it is the modular and even smaller version of our most successful device. The excellent detection range of 2000m is unmatched by any other device of this size and weight (500g). This is also due to the highly sensitive (20mK) US-sensor. The specially developed and seperatly collimatable afocal lens increases the range even up to 4000m.


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New Thunder TH35C

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Xeye Clip-on CH50

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New Thunder TQ50C

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New Thunder TE19C

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