Training as technical product designers (m, f, d)

In Berlin we train most of the technical product designers. Many of our trainees have been taken on and now pass on their knowledge to future generations. In this way, our team is very familiar with the current training contents. This has enabled us to shorten the training period from the usual 3.5 years to up to 2 years in the past.

In addition to flexible working hours, you can expect a variety of tasks in our company.
It is our aim to lead the trainee to the highest possible degree of independence. We would also like to take over our trainees afterwards. Due to the constant growth of the company, this is possible with appropriate performance.

Due to the high requirements, we only employ people who already have a specific background. Therefore, please always state this with your application, e.g:

  •  Hobby model making
  •  Mechanical engineering studies (even if discontinued)
  •  "Youth Research" etc.