DTNVS Locking System

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DTNVS Locking System (or IPD Locking System)

The DTNVS Locking System is an IPD (Interpupillary Distance) stopper that allows you to individually pre-set the perfect distance between the two eyepieces. So instead of having to adjust the eyepieces to your own preference every time you fold them down, this accessory allows you to set the perfect distance once and then go back to it again and again.

Compatible with all DTNVS bodies.


DTNVS Locking System Installation

1. Place the IPD Locking System on the back of the unit.



2. Place the shims individually in the space behind the backplate and secure with supplied screws.



3. Use dials to adjust and set desired interpupillary distance for the system.




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