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The Jerry-C5 is a clip-on fusion device originating in China that is becoming increasingly popular in the West. Thanks to the included adapter, it is compatible with most night vision devices and extends their range of vision with three different thermal imaging modes: white hot, highlight and outline marking. The Jerry thus makes the night vision googles usable even in absolute darkness without the need for a telltale IR brightener.




Pict.: The combination of night vision and thermal imaging technology (left) makes game detectable even in the most unfavorable weather conditions. The solid display mode can be seen here.



Pict.: In outline mode, the heat source is only outlined, so the game is easy to identify with the night vision intensifier.



Pict.: The thermal imaging mode colors the deer as thermal sources relative to their ambient temperature.


The Jerry C5 from Infiray can be attached to any existing night vision device with the included adapter, here using a DTNVS from ACTinBlack as an example.

The Jerry-C5 adds thermal imaging capabilities to the night vision device - here a DTNVS from ACTinBlack - (DTNVS not included in scope of delivery)


ePIG-Group reviews the Jerry-C5:



Manufacturer: Infiray, PR China
Weight: 110g
Dimensions: 85 x 66 x 40mm
Color: Black Matte
Waterproof: IP67
Resolution: 640x512
Pixel Pitch: 12μm
Field of view: 30.5
Lens focal length: f11.52
Spectral range: 8μm ~ 14μm
Screen mode: white hot/highlight/outline
Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C (operation)
Battery: 1x CR123A


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