external power supply for video recorders with Micro-USB

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The capacity of 1800mAh allows you to charge your recorder for several hours without changing the battery.
With the integrated status LED you can check at any time how full your battery is.

The latest version of this battery is equipped with a Micro-USB charging port and is simply charged via a standard USB charger (like for smartphones etc.).

Technical data:

voltage: 7,4V
capacity: 1800mAh (13,3Wh)
dimensions: 63x19x31mm
weight: 100g
scope of delivery: 1x 1800mAh battery

If lithium-polymer batteries are to be stored for longer than approx. 7-10 days, they must be brought up to their nominal voltage/storage voltage (3.7V per cell). Storage of fully charged batteries beyond this period of time can lead to permanent damage! This often manifests itself by "bloating". The consequences of incorrectly stored batteries are not covered by the warranty!


Compatible with video recorders with WiFi.


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