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The innovative Horizon One redefines the quality and accuracy of your observations. Just as light and compact as conventional 42mm roof prism binoculars, perfectly stable. Allowing its user to find an object quicker, to capture more details, to make better determination and faster decision.




No loose ends

The HORIZON ONE has a shock absorbing silicone armoring, that allows attaching of every loose part such the battery covers or lens protection covers. The durable rubber fold down eyecup allows comfortable viewing and minimizes lateral light entry. 


Extremely light and compact

With a weight of 720 and 735 grams the instrument is lighter than most convential binoculars. The innovative stabilsation system and optical system are engineered so that the HORIZON ONE is the lightest and smallest sized >40mm image stabilising binocular ever made. 



HORIZON ONE is fully waterproof. The optical system and electronics are sealed to result in an IPX 7 waterproof rating. It can handle rain showers from all directions and can be submerged to 1 meter depth for a maximum of 30 minutes. The system is nitrogen gas filled which prevents internal fogging in high humidity and in case of temperature swings. 


2° correction angle

The stabilisation capacity of the HORIZONE ONE goes beyond the suppression of image vibrations caused by wind or hand trembling. Its stabilisation capacity is 2x to 3x larger than that of other consumer image stabilising binoculars. HORIZONE ONE stabilised binoculars have a millitary grade capacity stabilisation system that allows stable viewing from driving vehicles, boats, aircrafts and other unstable platforms. Other systems with higher degrees of capacity are slow and result in slow floating and wobbling views. The HORIZONE ONE brings the best combination between high stabilizing capacity and precision, as experienced by millitary, law enforcement and safety operators worldwide. 


120 hour battery life with APC Power Saving

Each of the HORIZONE ONE’s 2 battery boxes hold 2 standard AA bateries. One battery box contains 2 functional AA batteries that will run for 60 hours. The other box contains 2 spare AA batteries. After the first 60 hours, simply switch be batteries and continue for another 60 hours. 


Sleep mode

Intelligent features such as the angle detection system will put the stabilising electronics in sleep mode when the instrument is in a vertical postion by more than 60° down from horizontal (hanging from the neck or standing on a surface), and automatically activate the unit when you start observing again. This results in a huge increase of battery life and user comfort. And regardless of its position (rest or active), after 90 minutes the instrument will automatically shut down for complete energy saving. The system also provides indication of low batteries. The angle detection is proven not be an obstacle for helictoper based observation. Please note that the HORIZONE ONE is a fully operational observation system without even without power or activated stabilisation system, just as a regular binocular. 


Reticles and laser filters

NAVATAQ HORIZON ONE can be equipped with customized reticles and laser filter upon customer request. For more information, please get in touch with us. 



  • Use only batteries, not rechargeable batteries! The use of rechargeable batteries can lead to permanent damage to the device
  • The HORIZON ONE can also be used like conventional binoculars

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