Präzise Jagen Duo connector

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The DUO connector has an internal thread (in different sizes) with which it is screwed onto the connection thread of the attachment. An integrated locknut prevents the attachment from turning unintentionally. No additional lock nut is required. 

The DUO connector can be combined with the different sizes of clamping sleeves. This allows you to use the attachment on all weapons on which you have mounted a clamping sleeve on the scope. 

The DUO connector is made of high quality aluminum and protected from corrosion and wear by a hard anodized coating.


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Product Note Status Price
Präzise Jagen Dust plug Präzise Jagen Dust plug
34.95 € *
Präzise jagen Clamping sleeve Präzise jagen Clamping sleeve
180.00 € *
Präzise Jagen Closure cap Präzise Jagen Closure cap
49.50 € *
TigIR-6Z+™ TigIR-6Z+™
9,000.00 € *

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Price incl. VAT, plus delivery
free shipping from 100 €
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